About C. Marie Design Studio

Truly Custom Cards and Crafts

Founder and Designer, Hannah Robson, found herself wanting to provide a truly custom service doing something she is passionate about. There are many companies out there that offer design services, but not enough that take the time to really understand the style of the client. Everyone is different, there’s no template for taste, so there shouldn’t be one for your cards and crafts either.

All of our artists and designers bring something different to the table. They all have different abilities, knowledge and training to provide the quality we strive to maintain.

We offer an interesting service in our “Send-A-Craft” section. See something you like, but can’t find the time to do it? Don’t think you have the know how? Let us help you. We have an amazing network of artists, craftsmen, preferred vendors, and skilled designers to provide you the service you need.

We love the challenge of a new project, let us take on your vision today, we promise it can be done!